Victor Vignon French, 1847-1909


Victor Vignon was a pupil of Corot's who also received guidance from Cals. Both influences can be seen in his early work, though he was also greatly influenced by the Dutch masters in the Louvre. At first Vignon worked in Clamart, Chatou and Bougival, later working in La Celle-Saint-Cloud and the area surrounding Pontoise and Auvers-sur-Oise. He exhibited with the Impressionists several times and can be seen as providing a link between this movement, Corot, and the painters of the Barbizon School. Vignon held a one man exhibition in 1894 which brought him great success.


At Auvers-sur-Oise he worked alongside Pissarro, Cézanne and Guillaumin. In this environment Vignon was able to absorb the ideas of the Impressionist movement, expressing a profound love of the countryside and applying himself to capturing changing light effects on certain motifs. Vignon often chose to portray the entrances of towns or villages, using the perspective in roads to invite the viewer into the work.