Marine Wallon French, b. 1985


Marine Wallon treats colours in landscapes. Each shade that she scrupulously stretches on the surface of the canvas participates in a panoramic expansion. With firmness, she configures uneven grounds with exquisite crusts. Ardour directs her tightrope walking gestures, in readjustment, always on the edge. Her tectonic is chromatic.-- Joel Riff, Art writer, curator, and artistic director of Moly Sabata / Albert Gleizes Foundation

Marine Wallon (b.1985 lives and works in Paris), studied at the Beaux-Arts Paris, where she graduated with an MFA in 2009. In her practice, the artist captures shots of anonymous travel agencies or travelling documentaries of individuals, which she translates through paintings, rendering the uncontrolled character of nature. Addressing her work as ‘not seductive but rather turbulent and vibrant’, she invites the viewer to reflect on the elusive movement that escapes direct visibility.


So far this year Marine Wallon has had a solo show, Plus Haut Tremble at the Centre d'Art Contemporain / Passages, Troyes; Her work is currently on display in a group exhibition curated by Corentin Canesson, L'Amour Fou, at the Maisons Daura, Saint-Cirq Lapopie in France. 
Other recent solo and group exhibitions include Voir en Peintures at the MASC (Musée d’art moderne et contemporain des Sables d’Olonne, Brasser Carré - duo show with Jennifer Douzenel, Catherine Issert (2021), solo show Purple Lime, Stoppenbach & Delestre, (2021), Empire et Royaume, Art-O-Rama (2021), Figures, Catherine Issert (2021), Apparences (Art Centre, Perpignan), Happy Together, Collection Gilles Balmet (Pavillon Carré Baudoin, Paris, 2021), Fondation Colas (2020), Storytelling, Stoppenbach & Delestre (2020) a solo exhibition at the Point Commun, Contemporary Art Centre, Annecy (2019).
Marine Wallon was named Laureat of the Prix Jean-François Prat 2022 chaired by Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo;  2021 saw her being selected for a commission by the Louvre Chalcography, in association with the Ateliers d’Arts Musées Nationaux, France. 
In 2020 she was awarded the Colas Foundation Prize; the Moly Sabata prize at the Salon de Montrouge 2019.