Marine Wallon - Tasajera

2 November - 8 December 2023

Stoppenbach & Delestre is pleased to present the exhibition Tasajara, a solo exhibition of new works by Paris-based artist Marine Wallon, with an accompanying essay by Estelle Marois.

Tasajera’s exploration encompasses various concepts related to images and landscapes, intriguing the viewer through the deconstruction of conventional visual representations. It skillfully manipulates perspective and introduces a dynamic interplay among the elements within the scenes. This comprehensive exhibition includes a diverse collection of artwork, spanning paintings, watercolours, and experimental etching studies conducted in collaboration with Lucile Vanstaevel, an engraver associated with the Louvre Chalcography department.

While Marine has long delved into the realm of landscapes, these works take it a step further by amplifying texture and colour contrasts, challenging our role as mere observers and delving deeper into the geological strata of nature.

Installation Views